In a world that revolves around individualized thinking, we've got a nationwide community plan that's going to take a village to bring to fruition.
We think that CANNABIS & Capcicum can change the world and we'd love to take a crack at making it a reality.
So, we're going to offer up some of the best hot sauces in the world, create content (movies, music, & photographic art) to engage and entertain, then hope that it sells.
And when it does, "WE'RE GONNA CHANGE THE WORLD!"
All proceeds from these items directly contribute to the WEED-OUT MOVIE & SERIES production, a 100-acre Nevada Cannabis/Capcicum Farm and our goals of affecting a positive change on the societies that we live and love in.

A lot of you will laugh.
The naysayers will say, "It can't be done..."
The haters will shout, "It's a scam...."
The Fat Cat Execs will scream out, "SOCIALISM!"
And some corporations will do their damnedest to shut this shit down.
But in the end, it's YOU, the people, who will help materialise this vision.
Together, we are going to change some things.

I'm not going to ask for charity or expect you to sacrifice without first sacrificing myself, so I've kicked off bands of my own money to:
  1. make some of the best hot sauces available, to tantalize your taste buds.
  2. produce the first few episodic shorts of The WEED-OUT Movie/Series, to entertain you.
  3. create some original and exclusive NFT Art to expand upon the realms of your appreciation.
  4. initiate the legal ability to cultivate some of the best Cannabis theropeutics for those times that you need not give 0-FUCKS about anything else...
So for those that can afford to indulge a little into our offers, please do so knowing that we will put the proceeds towards OUTSTANDING WORKS OF COMMUNITY...

Our plan is simple.

Build a Cannabis Business (cultivation, processing, manufacturing, and retail) across several states, (starting with, CO, NV, MA, NJ, and FL).
For every $100 million dollars we make in profit, we build 1000 homes valued at $100k each or its equivalent. (in an area where the median home value is $250k, we build 400 homes) Then give them away....

Can't be done.
Curaleaf gross profit on cannabis sales for 2021 was 586 million dollars.
Trulieve grossed $566 million in profits.
Neither were selling weed like this 7-years ago. Either company can take just last years profits and change 5660 family's lives and still turn a profit... That's a lot of lives.

Still think it can't be done?
Ok let's discuss the how's.

1st of all, give away is the wrong term. THE ONLY THING WE WOULD BE GIVING AWAY IS OPPORTUNITY.
If "SUCCESS" and the "AMERICAN DREAM" is defined by home ownership, then we are going to give people in otherwise challenged situations an instant avenue to success that can be afforded with one adult working on a McDonald's salary.

Basic Stipulations being:
  1. For every $100k in home value, the monthly payment will be $250 for 20-years, or until $60k per $100k in value has been paid back.
  2. For every $100k in home value, the monthly payment of $100 additional to cover dwelling only insurance provided by us that covers only our interest. (mandatory)
  3. At least one adult must maintain full-time employment.
  4. No more than 1 vehicle per adult resident can be owned or held on location until the house is repaid.
  5. No other home, housing, or rental property can be owned or controlled by any resident on the property until the house is repaid.
Of course there will be more legal hoops that must be maintained once the lawyers skae through the program with a fine toothed comb. but you get the picture.
For the cost of building a house we will give you the house, interest-free, for 20 years of monthly payments of approximately $250, or until such a time that you repay $60k per $100k of value.
The whole concept is providing the opportunity to be successful. But once you are on the verge of becoming successful or can afford to try to do better, (buy another house, buy that 2nd car, get that income property, etc) pay us back 1st, and afford someone else the same opportunity that you've been afforded.
Success begets more success. And we sincerely believe that if 1000 families received this opportunity for home ownership, 40% of them would pay it forward by paying it off in less than 7-years and less than 3% would default.

This helps everyone across the board.
It relieves the Housing system of 1000 families, allowing the adjustment of funds towards reducing homelessness.
It provides small-businesses with a work-force that maybe more inclined to maintain a lower paying position for a longer period of time.
It aids social services by providing the value of equity that can be used to stimulate a family's retirement or college funds upon paying the house off.
Most importantly, it allows people to live better lives on a wage that would otherwise be impossible to simply survive.
All this can be accomplished simply because instead of filling our pockets with cannabis profits, we want to return them to the people.
Don't get it twisted, in the execution of this plan, "we would definitely be alright...".
But I simply cant stand the way these Fat Cat's are raping the game that I love so much, with these rediculous high prices, while they give back crumbs.
THE NEW HEMPNOTIC FARMS INC will be the 1st to operate like NOT FOR PROFIT cannabis company in the United Sates. Our single focus in everything we do is simply to inact change.
Committed to creating the purist medicinal and recreational-quality cannabis products available, at a price that anyone can afford, we completely eliminate the corpprate board rooms, brokers, processors, wholesalers, and retailers and answer only to those that truly matter, the public we sell to. That said, when there is benefit to be gained, it rightfully should be the public and our workforce that should reap them.
And when it comes to our products, Our products are always -FARM FRESH-! "IF WE DON'T GROW IT, WE DON'T USE IT..." Our consumer's health, satisfaction, and well-being are our main concern when researching active ingredients for our products. Nothing is included without the consideration of perscribed bodily effects, taste, and absorbtion rates. We commit to ingredient due diligence and inform our clients through educational links that describe the benefits as well as any possible un-desirable effects of each products individual contents.

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